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Accounting Consultancy, Assistance And Bookkeeping

The success of a company heavily relies on the Practices and Procedures that are used in the bookkeeping efforts of the Company. JES Consultants Professionally Provides services of Accounting and Bookkeeping for small and medium sized companies for all trade and industries with on-site and off-site starting support. You can rely on our accurate financial information in order to be profitable and plan for future growth. We are highly flexible and efficient and can provide you with the support you need at affordable prices. We can manage your books and compile multiple informative reports for you to see your business position at a glance and can run, manage and grow your business on the right path.

Profit And Loss and Financial Statement Preparation Services

Our expert team provides all kind of Profit and loss statement services on Daily/Monthly/Quarterly/Annually basis in this regard we obtain data from our clients to prepare vouchers and postings in cash book and general ledger and prepare trail balance and profit and loss account with balance sheet and its commercial notes and calculations.

General Ledger Analysis and Bank Reconciliation Services

Our expert team provides accurate analysis of your financial statements. We can reconcile accurately reconcile multiple bank statements and make sure that all your banking transactions are in accordance with your books.

Costing Analysis, Variances and Pricing Analysis, Reconciliation Of Purchases and Sales.

Our Accountants Provide professional cost analysis of multiple industries (For e.g. Cement Industries, Mines, Hospitals, Steel Mills, Sugar Mills, Textile and Hosiery Mills etc.

Reconciliation of Bank And Other Financial Statements

Our expert team provides accurate analysis and reconciliation of the below mentioned statements:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • General ledger reconciliation
  • Stock reconciliation
  • Purchases and sales reconciliation
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Accounts receivable reconciliation
  • Production reconciliation

Calculation and Managing Of Monthly Stock and Inventory, Business Ratios and Break Even Analysis

Our Professional team of Consultants at JES provides accurate business analysis to find out business worth, Business Potential, Business capacity, business breakeven point as per sales, business reconciliation of stock and stock management to get maximum profit by your stock inventory.

Expert and Professional Reporting For Management at Their Premises

We take pride in our ability to allocate the right person to meet the requirements of the client. We have a proven record as valuable asset to our clients, candidates and employees. To maintain quality a qualified supervisor visits client’s office weekly (or as required) to check each and every financial transaction, so that required standard as per Law could be maintained and implemented on regular basis.

You can count on JES Consultants for quality employees and exceptional customer service. Today’s business environment demands much more from employees. They’re expected to do more with less. With this in mind, JES Consultants places only the most knowledgeable, versatile employees. So whatever your needs are; JES Consultants always has qualified and talented employees who are trained to fulfill all the requirements of the clients with a 100% satisfaction level because we value our customers more than the revenue.

Supervision of Accounts Department

In this kind of service, we provide our highly experienced and qualified staff who visit your Accounts Department daily and work as Chief Accountant and manage all business transactions professionally and look after your staff and manage different variety of business reporting for you to see business position and make fruitful decision for future betterment, in this way you will save several thousands in salary and get best management reporting; timely and regular basis (as per nature of the report)